Miss Anita's Crafts!

Have a custom Craft Birthday party at Miss Anita's Crafts 11811 N. Armenia Ave.  33612



Tired of the same old birthday parties?  Come have a party at Miss Anita's Crafts!  Kids love to be creative and we have som many options to offer.  You will have the craft room for 2 hours.  Feel free to bring in any snacks or food and drink you like.  Also bring in any decorations you like.


Take a look at what your party package will include:

  • Face painting for all the guests
  • Crafts for everyone
  • Set up and clean up
  • A fun Craft hostess to make sure everyone has a great time!

Here are some of the crafts you can create!


  Mosaic frame party $10/guest





Clay Critter party $8/guest



Duck tape party $8/guest




Cake Decorating Party $12/guest



Canvas Painting Party $10/guest




Tee Shirt Decorating Party $8/guest



Treasure box Party $8/guest




Any of these designs can be customized for boys or girls.  If you would like a special project I can put one together for you, just tell me what your child is interested in!


There is a $50 set up and clean up charge and to reserve the room for 2 hours.


Each craft ranges from $8 to $12/child and that includes all supplies.


Face painting for each child is available at no additional charge.  Crafts take between 1 hour to 1 hour and a half depending on the size of the party.

To book, please just send me an email to MissAnitasCrafts@gmail.com or call me at 813-495-6442 to check availability, and you can click here to register.











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